Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rereading all of blogs, I was surprised to see how much this class really made me think. I have always loved The Hunger Games very much, but never saw them as more than a fun, young adult series. After going through this course, I can now appreciate more acutely the thought provoking nature of this fantastic trilogy. This course was not about The Hunger Games though, despite its title. This course was about everything, from the nature of evil, to gender relations, to music, to religion and everything in between. When a speaker came into our class, they very rarely bothered to relate their topic to the series which sparked this unique SIS, instead allowing the importance of their lesson to justify itself, and leaving the textual analysis to us. This, I think, is my favorite part of The Hunger Games, the fact that these books can be connected to almost anything. The challenging aspects of the course were learning to look deeper into the text and see the broad range of related lessons. My blogs were a great way to make the connections between each speaker and The Hunger Games and looking back on them I'm really happy with the way that I have progressed in my critical analysis of the text. I do not think I spent as much time on the readings as I could have, however I do not feel that this negatively impacted my experience because the most interesting and helpful aspects of the course for me were the speakers and the discussions. Discussing the books with my classmates really helped me develop my thoughts on the subject matter and I enjoyed it a lot.

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