Thursday, April 3, 2014

Extra Credit Blog: Leadership Qualities and Different Leadership Roles

Different backgrounds can produce very different types of leaders. These leaders will in turn use greatly differing techniques to control the population, with varying degrees of success. In the Hunger Games we see several different types of leaders, from a totalitarian dictator, to a president who, while using democracy as a front, uses duplicitous means to stay in power, to a revolutionary war hero who is thrust into power against her will. So what makes each of these leaders the way they are? By looking at how they rose to power you can forsee what type of leader they will be.
President Snow started out by using deception and force to gain his position as president. In order to crush political enemies, president Snow would poison himself and others, and then take an antidote to save himself. While this plan was successful it left him with permanent scars, both mental and physical.The sores in his mouth were nothing compared to the paranoia which plagued Snow after rising to power in such a brutal way. Between his history of violence, and his fear of being overthrown, it is no surprise that Snow turned into a harsh, strict leader. In order to squash any uprisings before they even began Snow ruled with an iron fist, restricting freedoms of speech, assembly, press and the works. Snow also used propaganda and fear, the biggest of these being the hunger games.
In a completely different society, President Coin rose to power democratically, through her own merit. This following of the rules can help in predicting her leadership style, which is generally pretty fair. However Coin also came to power in a desperate time, when people were looking for someone to create order in a chaotic society. As a direct result of this, Coin is a very direct ruler who does not tolerate any kind of dissent or flaunting over authority. Her type of power is a sort of mix between actual democratic rule, and the authoritarian style of Snow. When unchallenged, Coin is able to stay fair, but as soon as someone causes her to feel threatened, Coin begins to use deception to maintain her position. Coin's leadership style is influenced by the unstable society she lives in, causing her to be harsher and more paranoid.
Differing greatly from the other two leaders, Katniss is someone who never sought out power. Instead, she is a fiercely independent war hero, who had power thrust upon her by desperate people looking for help. Katniss lives in a world where she is constantly lied to, which makes her value the truth more than anything. This quality is shown in her leadership, as she is very careful to always spread the truth. She also gains a great respect for life from all the violence she sees in the hunger games, which makes her wary to commit the terrible acts which the other leaders are willing to do.
With such different upbringings it is no surprise that these leaders have such vastly different leadership styles. The history and life lessons learned throughout their lives teach them the "correct" way to lead. It is really only through the wisdom of different life lessons that great leaders can be made.  

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