Sunday, April 13, 2014

Extra Post: Children of Men

The Hunger Games and Children of Men share a lot of common themes, as well as a similar overarching message. Both these stories are dystopian, telling about a world where something has gone crucially wrong and society has fallen into a bleak, anti-utopian, state. They also share the commonality of having a conflict centered around children, albeit in very different ways. Children of Men's dystopian conditions are caused by the loss of fertility in all humans, leading to war, chaos and panic all around. This idea of lost fertility is very similar to the plot of The Handmaiden's Tale, another famous dystopian novel. In the movie, the only government left is in Britain, but it has become a cruel dictatorship to cope with the chaotic society. Another group has also risen up, a rebel group called the fishes, who kidnap the main character to supposedly smuggle the only pregnant woman on Earth into Britain. One parallel between this movie and The Hunger Games is the presence of both an oppressive government, and a rebel group, with the similarity getting stronger when it is revealed that the rebel groups in both stories are corrupt and using others to serve their own purposes. Theo in some ways parallels Katniss, for the fact that he is taken from the government, deceived by the rebel group, and eventually realizes both are corrupt and works for what is right. In the same way that Katniss kills Coin in Mockingjay, Theo refuses to allow the new baby to be used for the revolution and instead delivers Kee to the "Tomorrow" group.

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